wtrhub Spiderman Superhero Dress For Kids Medium Kids Costume Wear

Price : INR 425
WTRHUB Spiderman Dress for kids. Please ensure that while purchasing the item, you place order with WTRHUB as we cannot assume responsibility for item sold by another seller using our page/listing. We have not supplied this costume to any other seller for reselling purposes.. The dress is suitable for kids in the age group of 4 to 6 years. It can be given as a gift as well and can be used for fancy dress competitions/school functions. Please note that this is economical costume and has very limited life/use. Each and every piece is checked by our team before dispatch. The material is polyester.The costume will not be a perfect fit for every kid as this costume is meant for a particular age group. The mask is of standard size. Costume for Limited Use. Not a Durable Item.
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